Hi everybody. I am Shardul. This blog is for the stories that I make up in my spare time. They will mostly consist of the ideas i developed in the realm of my mind but didn’t pen it down. My primary reason for starting this blog is to get opinions on my writing.

My favourite genre is fiction. My favourite characters are those people who have great strength and will power, those people who face the situation head-on whatever be their condition, those who are never afraid of the outcome. I love to read a Series rather than a single book. My favourite series are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Artemis Fowl. I like the works of Dan Brown. His “The Da Vinci Code” is just awesome!!

As for this blog, it is like a nursery for my stories from where I wish to nurture them into full fledged novels. I won’t bore you with my personal life, nor will I write many short posts. My aim would be to publish a single chapter at a time on a regular basis and keep the stories interesting for you guys.

Please help me by commenting your thoughts on my writing. Tell me whether my story sucks, is average or awesome. Thank You for taking time to read this page. Hoping for your support. 🙂


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